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Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy

Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy 


LeadCon Sales Companion comprises of 3 integrated tools.

Data CollectionZ App: Which helps capturing a new customer information.

CallR App: Lead Convertor Tool which helps is connecting and following up with the customers via Call, eMail, SMS and WhatsApp.

LeadCon Managers: App and the Web Platform, which give updates to the users about different parameters of the Sales Teams working and the analytic of the same.

Data Collection App 

  1. A meeting/call between the Client team and Ramanora is mandatory from understanding point of view. Also the users are expected to go through the basics of the Data CollectionZ App by watching the Demo Videos that are added on the platform.

  2. The client is requested to give all the finalized information to be included in the App only as a word document via e-mail. No other source will be considered valid. 

  3. The complete requirement of your App has to be explained to our Project Manager in order to have the correct functioning output. 

  4. The information cascade to our development team has to be done at least 1 week prior to the go live date. In this case you would get enough time to train your respective team members with the functioning of the App.

  5. Ramanora will give a demo of the App to the Point of Contact only. Hence, your Point of Contact is responsible for training your team members further to use the App. You can refer to the demo videos which are available on the platform and in the Help section of the mobile.

  6. Verbal suggestions / approvals will not be considered valid. 

  7. If there is any structural change on the App, the client is requested to send those changes over an e-mail. Also, such changes will be charged extra. In such a scenario, this will need to be
    discussed with the development team and the development time will be informed for execution and go live. 

  8. All the changes (if any) have to be done at least 7 days before the Go Live Date. We will not entertain any changes after this time period. 

  9. This App does not work on One Plus Android device. The minimum device requirement is as
    follows... 8MP Camera, 4GB RAM. In case there is no internet connection to sync the data, it gets stored on your phone memory. Hence, you may require an internal storage of anywhere between 2GB to 10GB of free space, depending on the data that you have collected. 

  10. The accuracy level of this App is 80-85%. This is also dependent on your device’s camera quality. Additionally, in case your representative is unable to click clear/sharp pictures, Ramanora is not responsible for the reduced accuracy level.

  11. The users have to choose the form that has been added from the Custom Form Builder from the Platform. 

  12. leadCon Data CollectionZ App comes with the feature of offline data storage. Hence it is mandatory to sync data, once its captured to sync with the LeadCon Platform. In case the user deletes the app without syncing the data, the data will be lost and Ramanora Global will not be responsible for the same. 

  13. For Security Reasons, all the tools of LeadCon except for the managers tool, are clubbed with the device ID on which they are logged in from for the first time. The license key given will not work on any other device. 

  14. In case the device which was registered is stolen, broken, is lost and not accessible or is out of date as per the latest software updates. The company has to help us with the specific details of the key, the reason to change the key and a valid proof of the same. Only after that Ramanora will offer a new license key for a new device. This will be at a cost of Rs 4,000/-.

  15. As a privacy and security policy, the user wont be able to export data from the data collection app, it can be only done from the platform. in case some one tries to fidget with the backend by connecting it with different pirated softwares, Ramanora Global will not take the responsibility of the data theft. As a policy, on a high requests to the server from the data collection app, it might go into a lock down in case of fraudulent activities. 

  16. To Convert Leads captured in the data collection app it is necessary to first sync the data with the platform and then fetch them in the CallR App, in case you are unable to see the leads there, there could be two elements, either the data is not synced or the internet connection is slow or not available.


CallR (Lead Convertor App)

  1. CallR App is sales tool which is designed to reduce the donkey work from the Sales Follow Up by 90%. Hence its very important to have the right communication templates available in the platform under the Briefcase section. 

  2. The Leads that come into CallR come from two different modes of capturing/adding. 1. Data CollectionZ App leads and 2. LeadCon Platform where you can add leads in two ways, uploading a CSV and uploading a single lead through the platform ‘Add a New Lead’ Section.

  3. The Leads that a user gets in the CallR app are either shared by other users or received from a website form or from assigning a lead to a certain individual. All these are a part of the users choice and Ramanora Global Do Not Have any role in assigning, adding, deleting or editing any lead. 

  4. The templates available in the CallR App under the sections of eMail, SMS, WhatsApp, briefcase are all fetched from the data uploaded on the platform from the Managers portal. 

  5. Connecting with the customers via Social Media is a facility available. In case you have restrictions as a company, you may choose to not use it. 

  6. At all times the users of the CallR App have to remember that they have to comply with the privacy of the customers and use the tool wisely. It should not be bothering to the customers. but it should be a subtle relationship building tool. 

  7. For security reasons the CallR is assigned only to the same device to which it is registered. In case of a situation where the licensed device needs to be changed, the company needs to send an email to with the details of the request and reason to change. post which with Rs 4000/- for the change, you can add a new device and delete the old one. 





LeadCon Platform and LeadCon Managers App

LeadCon platform is at the core of the LeadCon system and hence very important. 

  1. Only the managers have the right to the LeadCon Platform, the managers can only SignIn to the platform and once signed in, all the data is available for the user, to add, delete, edit, download, share, etc with others. hence its very important that the managers have to keep the details of the profile such as username and password safe and secure. In case someone is able to access the platform using your details, Ramanora Global will not be responsible for availability of the data. 

  2. LeadCon platform as a whole works on a special encryption in the backend, making it secure and difficult to read and write data on the storage side. The decryption of the data in the storage is only possible on the platform side. Hence its very important to keep the ID and Password Secure. 

  3. The managers can compose the communication for eMails, SMS and WhatsApp in the compose communication section under briefcase. The managers can also add presentations to the briefcase which are directly accessible in the briefcase section of the app.

  4. The managers can export the data of the leads captured/converted from the Data CollectionZ App or the CallR App and download it in the format of CSV / Excel sheet, which can be directly integrated into any CRM/ERP software which has got an import CSV facility. Once the data is downloaded from the Platform, Ramanora Global will not be responsible for the data downloaded. 

  5. New users can be added from the platform and you can only add those many numbers of users which you have bought a license for. In case you want extra licenses, you have to buy from and against payment you shall receive extra licenses. 

  6. The LeadCon Managers app is basically a showcase app which shows the data that is under process from the CallR App for conversion. The manager cannot make any changes to the data nor to the leads. They can only view the details of the leads and the data filled by the users of the CallR under their company. They can send notifications to the users. which could be sent to all or to a specific user. 

  7. Ramanora Global do not have access to any data base in the backend. The data base is encrypted with international encryption standards and hence is highly secure. Ramanora Global will not access the backend of any user unless and until we receive a confirmation and permission from the user/company to access the backend. 


Return Policy: LeadCon is a ‘pay per user’ product the licenses can be bought only in for a year and a renewal will happen every year. To test/try the LeadCon system, users can use the demo license key which is readily available on the apps and can access the platform using the credentials of the demo key. Users can use the demo key indefinitely unless they are completely satisfied. But once they decide to buy the license, Ramanora Global will only activate the licenses against payment. Once the user licenses are delivered and are loggedIn from the customers devices, the licenses are sealed for one year and the customer can choose to renew it directly next year at the time of renewal. 

Non of the licenses/payments received will be returned under any circumstances. 

LeadCon support team will be available over eMail at and over phone call at +919922181113.


Ramanora Global has the complete right to change any elements in the Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy document to make it suit best with the changing requirements of the customers and the industry. 


In case of any queries related to the platform or the apps, Please send us an email to 

LeadCon is a Sales Companion where reducing the work in sales followup is at the core of its concept and making it easy for the users through the process is for which LeadCon is built. 

Looking forward to serve you with the innovations that help.

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