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Evolution of LeadCon Data CollectionZ App: A Journey of Innovation

Our Story

The name "LeadCon Data CollectionZ" is a testament to our core mission - empowering businesses to harness the power of connections and convert leads into valuable relationships. "LeadCon" is an abbreviation of "Lead Conversion," embodying our commitment to optimizing the conversion of leads into loyal customers.


The letter "Z" in "Data CollectionZ" signifies the "Zillion" opportunities that accurate and comprehensive data can create for anyone. With LeadCon Data CollectionZ, businesses gain access to a myriad of possibilities, making data collection a catalyst for growth and success.

2017: Pioneering Beginnings

It all began in 2017 when MAN Trucks India sought our expertise to streamline data collection at their exhibition booth. Responding to the challenge, we designed a local in-device HTML form, capturing essential visitor data like Name, Phone Number, Email ID, customer type, product interests, and follow-up preferences. Each day's data was manually compiled into Excel sheets.

2018: Advancing Efficiency

Recognizing the potential, we upgraded the app in 2018. Introducing a local network setup, tablets within the booth were now equipped with HTML forms, eliminating the need for manual data collection. All data was effortlessly consolidated on a dedicated laptop serving as a local server.

2019: Expanding Horizons

Our success story spread, and demand surged. To cater to other exhibitors, we developed mobile apps for Android and iOS. A robust cloud-based backend system replaced the reliance on local servers. The first app version emerged by year-end.

2021: Seamless Communication

Launching LeadCon Data CollectionZ on Google Play Store and Apple Play store, we emphasized offline data capture, ensuring connectivity regardless of internet availability. Integrated with a Visiting Card Scanner and QR Code facility, capturing and saving data became more efficient. Instant Auto Thank you eMails and SMS were introduced for immediate customer engagement.

2022: Empowering Exhibitors

In 2022, we took it a step further. Exhibitors could now instantly showcase brochures, product videos, images, and price lists to their prospects using the app, enhancing the customer experience.

2023: Elevating Connections

This year marked a game-changer. Our app evolved to facilitate instant connections between users and prospects via eMail, SMS, and WhatsApp. Exhibitors could now share their materials directly, fostering swift follow-ups and improved sales closures.

LeadCon Data CollectionZ - A Future of Possibilities

From its inception to the present, LeadCon Data CollectionZ App has paved the way for seamless data capture, effective communication, and enhanced customer interactions. Empowering exhibitors and businesses alike, LeadCon Data CollectionZ continues to revolutionize lead conversion, unlocking countless opportunities with every data point.

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