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  • Does this app work on Android and iOS?
    Yes! The LeadCon Data CollectionZ app is designed for Android and iOS. It supports Android ver.8 and above and iOS ver. 13 and above. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Phones or Tablets.
  • What kind of configuration for smooth running of app?
    The mobile phone in which the app will be installed should have minimum 4GB RAM, should have a good camera to capture visiting card pictures and should support good internet connection.
  • Does the App work in case of No Internet Connection?
    Yes! "LeadCon Data CollectionZ app for Exhibitions is designed in such a way that while the Internet is available it will Sync the Data Automatically, in case internet is not available the Data is in Local Storage and once you have WiFi or Good Data, you can Manually Sync the Data in One Click."
  • Is our data secure and not shared with others?
    Yes! LeadCon Data CollectionZ App for exhibitions is designed keeping in mind with highest norms in Data Privacy, hence, all data which is collected through the application is Encrypted. Once the data is synced, it only sits in server and is removed from local devices. The Servers are Encrypted where smaller secure servers are allotted to every customer who joins us.
  • Does it have space to write meeting notes?
    Yes! LeadCon Data CollectionZ app, not only have space to write your meeting notes but also has the facility to capture and add images of notebook, or written notes while you are having discussion with visitor.
  • Does it also captures images of visiting cards?
    Yes! LeadCon Data CollectionZ app, scans as well as captures the image of visiting cards. This helps to revisit that visiting card incase you want to change any detail in future.
  • Does this application give 100% visiting card scanning clarity?
    No! This application ensures that the visiting cards are captured in the best way possible. We have crossed over 1,00,000+ different types of visiting cards with various designs and fonts. Although we acknowledge that it shall capture around 70% to 80% data correctly and some minor details has to be manually edited or added.
  • How much time does it take to Setup an account?
    It usually takes maximum 2 hours, to setup a complete account, right from creating users, to creating the custom Enquiry form with the Automated template design of 'Thank you eMails', Brochure/Catalogs integration, and testing.
  • Can LeadCon integrate with other ERP and CRM platforms?
    Yes, LeadCon is designed to integrate with a variety of tools and platforms, including CRM systems, marketing automation software, and lead nurturing platforms. This integration allows you to seamlessly transfer your exhibition data into your existing workflows and tools, making it easy to follow up with leads and track your performance metrics.
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