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We Help you to Capture Business Enquiries!

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@ Events | Exhibitions | Conferences


Capture Enquiries fast without errors at Noisy and Busy Events | Expo | Conf.

Connect Before Your Competition

Schedule More Appointments with Customers.

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25000+ Enq Captured so far in 2023

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Our Value Proposition

  • Gain a competitive edge with seamless data capture and instant communication.

  • Analyze comprehensive visitor insights through our powerful analytics dashboard.

  • Optimize your marketing strategies based on real-time data and make informed decisions.

  • Enhance efficiency, save time, and eliminate manual data entry.

Successful Event = Visitor Foot Falls (Enquiries)


Our BENEFITS designed for your Success!

Data CollectionZ is a cloud-based platform that helps you to be ahead of your competitors by turning from General Visitors to Business Enquiries. With Data CollectionZ, you can:


In-Built VC & QR Scanners

Our Feature:

Your Benefit:

Capture Personal Info in 10 Sec

Scan Visiting Card/QR Codes, Capture Visiting Card Photo, Capture Contact Details

in just 10 seconds with VC card photo available for downloading.

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Our Feature:

Custom Enquiry Forms

Your Benefit:

Differentiate Between Hot Enquiries🔥 & General Visitors

Using custom Enquiry form, differentiate visitors into,
- Type of Visitor

- Product/Service Interested

- Region they belong to

- Expected Buying Date

- Pictures of Scribbled Notes

in just 20 Seconds


Instant connect post Enquiry

Our Feature:

Your Benefit:

Prompt Personalised Response leading to Stronger Relationship

Even before a Visitor steps out of your booth, you can connect via

Whatsapp      /email       /SMS     with Minutes of Meeting/Visit

in just 10 seconds

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Our Feature:

Download data in excel - 1 Click

Your Benefit:

Begin FollowUp of Enquiries in 1 Day

From Admin portal, you can export the Encrypted data to Excel sheet, download visiting card images, and share enquiries with sales team in seconds with API integrations with your CRM/ERP.

in just 20 Seconds

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3 Layered Data Protection

Rest easy knowing your data is safeguarded with our 3-layered protection and encryption system. At LeadCon Data CollectionZ, we prioritize your privacy, ensuring your information remains secure, confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. Trust us to keep your data safe at all times.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Our innovative solution empowers customers to seamlessly collect and analyze valuable attendee information, driving their marketing strategies and fostering meaningful connections. Trusted by industry leaders, Data CollectionZ ensures reliable data capture, actionable insights, and exceptional customer support.

What Our Clients Say

“A solution that we could customise to our exhibition requirements, which helped us connect with Visitors and close orders ahead of competition.”

Amar Kulkarni, Polyworks India

"Collating & Collecting Data used to take 7 Days, now its just at a click of button. With DC, it has ensured faster sales turn around times as we are the first one to connect.”

Ramakrishnan Srinivasan, MAKINO

“You don't have to do the hard work of going back, counting, segregating, putting data into excel, all these key tasks are taken care by the app and you can forward enquiries to sales teams within a day.”

Rakhi Singh, SCHUNK India

We want you to Try it FREE for your Next
Expo | Conference | Event

Use First >> Pay later, we know how the clutter of apps in the market have already confused you, hence we want you to use LeadCon Data Collection App for your lead Retrieval first and then take the decision of investing, if you have found value in in it. We have total trust in our Product, hence we can take this audacious decision.

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Try Free Now - Pay Later if It Benefits $75

Trust in our product, pay only $70 today

Try Free

Got specific questions about your needs and working style? Resolve them before making a buying decision. Book a meeting with our experts.

By Not Buying, you save $100 and loose Business Worth Million Dollars

Do you want to stop your competitors to reach your customers before you?

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